The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Book Review – Tracy Chevalier

Absolutely in love with this book! I just finished reading it and loved it the whole way through.

The time/setting is a genre I love reading but haven’t in ages. Plus normally when I read old-timey European books the protagonist is male so this was really refreshing!

The way all the characters were developed, from Frans and Vermeer and all the children of the Oude Langendijk household, and especially Griet, was so interestingly complex. I don’t have the words to articulate it but I was gripped with each and every character.

The entire story was incredible, there wasn’t a single moment where I thought it was slow or uninteresting. The plot was rich and enthralling.

Although I’m too tired to find the words to describe why, this book has become one of my new favourites.

5 stars.