Non-fiction reading

I’ve quite taken to reading non-fiction books lately. 2019 has been the year where I’ve branched out from novels.

I’ve read biographies, self-help books and even maths comedies.

I feel like I’m at an in-between stage of life as a 16 year old and I just want to absorb all the perspectives there is. I still love a good story but the real world is becoming more important.

Everything is changing and I am more educated. I want to read about advice from other people and events from other places in the world. In books and magazines I’ve found the source to feed this new-found hunger for information. Non-fiction is rising as a new favourite genre of mine.



The best feeling is when a package arrives in the mail but you’ve forgotton what you ordered so it’s like a surprise gift from your past self. Today my book I forgot I ordered arrived – Greta Thunberg’s book. I feel so empowered by the young females, girls my age, changing and saving the world. Living in a society where there are literally so many problems: the Earth is dying, people are fighting, inequality is the way everything works; having heroes is just inspiring. I studied the women’s movement in modern history this year and the consistent thing was people were always fighting for change – no one was ever happy with the status quo and that fuels me to keep fighting too.