Star Trek, Book Review – Alan Dean Foster

Really loved this!

I’m a big fan of watching sci-fi movies, including really bad ones, to pass the time. For some reason though I’d never watched Star Trek or Star Wars which are like THE sci-fi films. Anyway, I recently watched the new Star Trek trilogy with Chris Pine and I really loved it! My grandparents have always been massive fans of Star Trek so I started watching the original series to my Grandma’s absolute delight. In short – I’m loving it! The production is hilariously terrible.

Because of this development, my Grandma sat me down and went through their entire Star Trek cabinet with me (cause we’re a family of nerds). Amongst all of her old VHS of the seasons and what not was this book so I was like done deal, I’ll read that.

It is exactly like the movie! I’ve always been wary of reading books based on a movie rather than the other way around but this has changed my perception of that. It was just like re-watching the movie in written form with a bunch of extras. Plus, it was written really well. Now that I’ve read this I’ll probably go back and watch the movie (again) because it provides so many little things that you wouldn’t quite pick up on in a movie.

4 stars.