Catcher in the Rye, Book Review – October 2017

Honestly, I didn’t like this book all that much. I still think it’s a good book, I just didn’t enjoy it.

I suppose I can kind of see why it is a classic with it’s different way of writing but, as for the actual story, I didn’t really like it.

This suprises me as it has exactly the kind of stories I love to read; mainly character-based and nothing focused moreso on a character’s general life rather than some BIG! EXCITING! LIFE CHANGING! thing happening to them. For some reason though, it just didn’t work out for me.

I didn’t dislike the book but found that it was kind of boring. My preference for books with nothing too exciting going on only stretches so far and this was just too unexciting.

The main reason I believe I didn’t like this was because of the main character, Holden. He was an extremely well-written character, as do I believe all the characters to be. He was just plain annoying. I couldn’t stand to read about him because I just hated him. He is extremely pessimistic and pretentious. He has the ‘i’m superior to everybody else’ mindset that he hates ironically. Also, he judges people HARD. This was an important part of his personality and I fully believe that it should’ve been included as it was integral to the story. The thing I hated with it was, he called everybody and everything ‘phony’ and it just got on my nerves as someone who likes to think of themselves as a positive person.

A part of the story I really liked, though, and was really well-written was Holden’s relationships with people – specifically with his sister, Phoebe, and Stradlater, the guy in his dorm. The way these were written were the types of things I like; the thing about big! exciting! stories and such I mentioned before.

Another thing I find really interesting about this book is it’s lack of blurb. I don’t have much to say on that subject but it just suprised me upon picking it up to find that there was nothing to read about it before-hand. The only reason I did read it was because I recognised the name and knew it had a reputation for being a classic – it makes me question just how it became a classic before it had a reputation without a blurb.

Overall, this was a Good Book. It deserves to be a classic, I think. I just didn’t enjoy. 

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